June 14, 2024
Floorings & Interior Design

Ceramic and porcelain tiles look classy and elegant. This is why many people choose to use them on their floors. But once you start having problems, like discoloration, it would be challenging to find a solution especially if you do not know the right products and tools to use. So before you call for floor maintenance services for repair or replacement, being aware of the common problems is important.

Importance of Clean Floors

Cleaning your floors regularly is important. A clean and tidy home is one of the reasons for you to be excited to come home after a busy day at work. Dirty floors are not only about aesthetics but also have a negative effect on your health. So aside from sweeping and mopping, you have to make sure that your floors are professionally cleaned from time to time.

This means that all the dirt, dust, and grime buildup are removed as well as the bacteria and germs that might just be lurking somewhere on your floors. Here are the most common ceramic and porcelain floor problems that you might come across:

Look of Carpet Floors

  • Dirt Build-up on Grout. Dirty grout is one of the most common problems to encounter when you have ceramic or porcelain tile floors. Grout is naturally porous and since it is between the tile surface, it is often not reached when you clean or mop the floors. As a result, bacteria will just sit right between these tiles as they stick stubbornly to the grout.
  • Mold On Grout. The tiles that are usually exposed in wet conditions can have moldy grout lines. This is commonly noticed on bathroom and kitchen tiles. The oils and soap residue are the culprits in the mold build-up. And even when it’s the tiles on your dry rooms, mold can still accumulate when there is no proper ventilation. Using the right mold-killing product is important. Also, it is best if your bathroom is professionally cleaned from time to time.
  • Stains and Discoloration. Staining is a common problem with tiles. This is usually caused by the wrong cleaning product used. And when you do not know how to remove it, the stains can be permanent. There are cleaning products that you can buy to clean the stains, but there are instances that over time, they become more difficult to remove.

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